Introducing Sinetrol® - A New Way To Lose Weight

When it comes to burning extra calories (181 extra!), losing body fat, and reducing your hips & waist, Sinetrol® represents a new way to manage your weight and get the body you crave.

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Introducing Sinetrol® - A New Way To Lose Weight

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    •    What Is Adipose & Why Should You Care?
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A survey by the Cleveland Clinic found 74% of Americans are concerned about their weight — but just 43% have made an attempt to alter their diet to lose weight.

Sure — we all have different approaches to shedding pounds and inches, but one underlying problem is that not everyone knows how to go about making a change.

Some people prioritize eating healthier foods by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Others focus on “getting in shape” by participating in regular physical activity.

And those are just two strategies for healthy weight management!

In fact, there are other things that can help you burn calories, lose fat, and give two thumbs up to what you see in the mirror. Things that might seem too good to be true but are backed by years of research and multiple published clinical trials.

But before we proceed, we need to make one thing clear: none of these things are a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.

Instead of a “quick fix” that magically burns fat, this is a clinically studied method that helps you burn extra calories, convert fat to muscle, and reduce waist and hip size. In other words, it is a complementary piece to the hard work you already do to maintain a healthy diet and remain physically active each day.

With that in mind, this breakthrough in weight management is called Sinetrol®.

Sinetrol® is a natural combination of polyphenols extracted from citrus fruits and guarana seed. It utilizes a patented mechanism of action that reduces stored fat mass and improves long-term body composition. 

What Is Adipose?

According to the official website of the manufacturer, the patented mechanism of action and clinical benefits of Sinetrol® have been supported by more than a decade’s worth of research —research that shows this powerful ingredient works at the adipocyte level to help avoid further storage of fat within adipose tissue.

So, what exactly does this mean?

Well, for starters, the fat tissue in your body comes in two types: white adipose and brown adipose.

The white adipose is stored fat that tends to settle around the stomach, waist, and hips.

Conversely, your body uses brown adipose for energy.

It is easy to see which fat is more favorable!

Sinetrol® helps convert white adipose cells into brown adipose cells — which in effect is trading fat for energy!

Scientifically, this is known as lipolysis — the process of burning white adipose fat while promoting the formation of brown adipose fat.

This all adds up to more calories burned, a reduction in body mass, an improvement in body composition, and more.

Impressed? That’s just the tip of the iceberg!      

Read on to uncover the full story of Sinetrol® and discover how it undergoes fat beiging through lipolysis and increases resting energy expenditure (REE). 

The Science of Fat Beiging

As mentioned, there are multiple ways to approach healthy weight management. However, evidence points to three different factors that play key roles to burn fat, lose weight, and cut calories: fat beiging, lipolysis, and resting energy expenditure (REE).

Though they may be difficult to pronounce and hard to remember, these three factors help turn white fat cells into brown fat cells, break down fats, and measure how much energy is burned while the body lies awake between meals.

As you can see, all three factors are important pieces in healthy weight management. They are also part of all the benefits Sinetrol® brings to the table, which is why we’ll dive into each one to explain how they work, their significance, and their relation to Sinetrol®.

Fat Beiging through Lipolysis

“Beiging” is a complex process that can be boiled down to one simple purpose: turn white fat cells into brown fat cells. It is used as a therapeutic strategy for weight loss and to combat excessive dietary intake of fat — a process that results in the storage of white adipose tissue.

Through beiging, the white adipose is burned while encouraging the formation of brown adipose tissue — the fat your body uses for energy expenditure.

The metabolic burning white adipose while fostering the formation of brown adipose is called lipolysis. This process has gained momentum as a weight loss technique in recent years due to its promising ability to combat the growing obesity epidemic and reduce body fat.

And would you believe that subjects who supplemented with Sinetrol® reduced body fat mass by more than 5%?

That’s right — clinical trials have shown that this conversion of adipose from white to brown resulted via the use of Sinetrol® resulted in a total body fat loss of 5.1%.

And a staggering 65% of the total fat was from the trunk area.

A one-month status update following the end of supplementation found that subjects continued to lose body weight and reduce body fat mass. Talk about a breakthrough in weight management!

A separate study that concerned weight and body fat reduction was conducted on overweight adults over a 12-week span. This randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial saw 100 overweight participants take either two 450 mg tablets of Sinetrol® or two placebo tablets. Metrics such as body weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) were measured.

After 12 weeks, participants saw a significant reduction in body fast mass, body weight, and weight circumference compared to placebo.

Resting Energy Expenditure

Sinetrol® has also been shown to increase resting energy expenditure when used as a dietary supplement.

But before we dive into the science, let’s discuss the meaning behind the term, “resting energy expenditure” (REE).

REE represents energy expenditure while a person rests between meals. In other words, it is the amount of energy your body uses in a sedentary state.

For example, it is early afternoon, perhaps between breakfast and lunch, and you’re relaxing on the couch. The amount of energy your body burns during this period can be measured as your REE.

But not all parts of the body require the same amount of energy.

On average, the heart, brain, intestines, liver, and kidneys make up about 10% of total body weight but account for approximately three quarters of REE.

On the flip side, adipose tissue represents more than 20% of all body weight but consumes less than 5% of total REE.

And since REE is measured in kilocalories, or “kcal,” science can deduce how much REE our bodies produce each day.

One study found that volunteers who supplemented with Sinetrol® increased REE. Volunteers experienced a jump in REE of 181 Kcal after just 16 weeks of supplementation. This means they burned an extra 181 calories per day!

And since REE accounts for 60% to 75% of the calories you burn each day, this increase in REE can be a key tool your weight-management journey. 

Make Sinetrol® Part of Your Weight Management Plan

By now, we’ve learned that nearly three-quarters of Americans are concerned about their weight. Less than half, however, have tried to change their diet.

Granted, everyone has their own beliefs on how to properly approach weight management. Those who do try to switch things up and alter their diet/lifestyle tend to prioritize eating healthy and getting enough physical activity each day.

And though there isn’t a “miracle pill” that substitutes all the hard work of a healthy diet and exercise, there are ways to complement your own efforts that use the metabolic pathways in your own body.

Backed by multiple clinical studies that show its efficacy when it comes to burning calories, reducing body fat mass, improving body composition, Sinetrol® can serve as the perfect sidekick on your weight management journey.


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