Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter®

Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter®
Go on the trail with Chris Kilham – The Medicine Hunter® – who has searched the globe for the finest botanicals for holistic health.
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  1. Chris Kilham's Vital Brilliance®
    Chris Kilham's Vital Brilliance®
    Fight physical & mental stress with ancient adaptogens including wild harvested Rhodiola* Learn More
  2. Chris Kilham's Vital Maca™
    Chris Kilham's Vital Maca™
    Combines two elite botanicals for sexual health, energy, and stamina, and more* Learn More
  3. Chris Kilham's Vital Focus™
    Chris Kilham's Vital Focus™
    Fast-acting brain nootropic featuring clinically studied Synapsa® - promotes cognitive function, memory & more* Learn More
  4. Chris Kilham's Ginseng 3X™
    Chris Kilham's Ginseng 3X™
    3 powerful ginsengs for energy & vitality, stress management, and mental performance* Learn More
  5. Clinical Curcumin® Formula
    Clinical Curcumin® Formula
    A cutting-edge blend of botanical extracts that deliever joint comfort, cardio function, and energy levels* Learn More
  6. Green Tea CR™ - Phytosome - Capsules
    Green Tea CR™ - Phytosome - Capsules
    Supernutrients that go beyond traditional Green Tea extracts by supporting healthy energy, vitality, and more* Learn More
  7. Zestosterone® Pro
    Zestosterone® Pro
    Boost testosterone in as few as 2 weeks with clinically studied LJ100® Tongkat Ali and nutritional co-factors* Learn More
  8. Vital Immunity™ - Elderberry Super Formula
    Vital Immunity™ - Elderberry Super Formula
    A trio of supercharged versions of Elderberry, Vitamin C, and organic Ashwagandha for immune system health* Learn More
  9. Vital Rejuvenator™ (Organic) Formula
    Vital Rejuvenator™ (Organic) Formula
    Clinically studied Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha + key co-factors for vitality, stress management & more.* Learn More
  10. Vital Super Reds™ / Cranberry Formula - Capsules
    Vital Super Reds™ / Cranberry Formula - Capsules
    Harness the power of deep red botanicals including Cranberry, Schisandra fruit, and Pomegranate Learn More
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